The transformation of the people of the United States from being a nation of hardworking, emotionally tough people to being a country where having a tough boss requires a therapist and two Xanax pills per day. This is caused by the teachings of Oprah & company, who preach connection with a person's "inner feelings".
Americans used to be tough until Oprah came along and Oprahfied us all, rendering us incapable of holding up under any stress whatsoever and being too sensitive to get anything done.
by Schine September 14, 2008
Top Definition
An African American woman's total abandonment of her ethnic mannerisms, style and taste in an effort to transform into, and conform to the beliefs and teachings of, Oprah.
Although Latrice sometimes frightened me with her ghetto ways, she was much more fun, colorful and true to herself before she became Oprahfied.
by Hebberwibba March 07, 2008
The act of taking something little known and making it available for the masses; the dumbing down of something for a larger audience
I used to listen to Ok Go, but then they got oprahfied and now their music is lame
by tres mackey June 25, 2008
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