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A "disorder" found in kids (mostly). Here are the symptoms:

# often loses temper
# often argues with adults
# often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules
# often deliberately annoys people
# often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior
# is often touchy or easily annoyed by others
# is often angry and resentful
# is often spiteful or vindictive

Pft! It's not a disorder, just bad parenting.
OMG! Honey, look at this article on ODD! It turns out our little obnoxious shit, Billy, is actually THE VICTIM here; of a horrible disorder! Poor Billy!! :\
by DR January 27, 2005
A "legitimate" "disorder" "discovered" by "child experts". Used to describe children and adults who don't fall in line with the rest of the good, obedient sheeple without first asking why they should. Symptoms include "disobeying authority figures" (asking why), being easy to annoy (when random "doctors" are prescribing you with medicine for your "problem"), and going against the majority in general (oh, you don't want to learn about Shakespeare? Better take your medicine!).
Jimmy: *raises hand* Teacher, could you please teach me a practical, real-world way I can apply this calculus to my daily life? Because this seems useless, and I'd much rather go learn to fly a plane or something cool.


*police burst into the room and taze Jimmy. A doctor comes in shortly afterward and injects him with a liquid.*

Doctor: Whew! Another case of opposition defiant disorder cured!

Teacher: These darn kids with all their questioning and what not! Why can't they all just obey like we did as kids?
by Mana Banana December 16, 2014
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