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Oppescetarian & Oppescetarianism

Oppescetarianism/Oppescetarian is Derived as the opposite of Pescetarianism (Pronounced "Opp-Pesh-ay-terry-ann")

Oppescetarianism is the practice of eating all food that is the flesh of animals, but excluding seafood or anything that swims in water for multiple benefits including the lesser risk of mercury poisoning, sickness caused by fish oil consumption and the mental stigma that can be obtained by bad experiences with fish products prior to the diet.

As with vegetarianism and vegan-ism, it is common for Oppescetarian's to choose their diet as a demonstration against fishermen, fish sales persons and others that are deemed 'cruel' by the Oppescetarian. This also includes the criticism of fishmongers' and restauranteurs sale of 'fresh' and 'kill upon order' sea-life such as Lobster and Barramundi as well as as oysters from their own oyster beds, langoustines, mussels and scallops etc.

Pregnant as well as breastfeeding females are also considered to be temporary Oppescetarians if they choose not to consume sea-life to avoid the associated health risks.

Popular journalist and entrepreneur Cask J. Thomson of "WordswithMeaning!org" fame is an advocate of oppescetarianism, claiming that "although it may be that animals may be humanely slaughtered for human consumption - fish are caught in batches of 1000+ at times and suffocated due to their inability to breathe out of water."
Guy 1 - Hey buddy, want to grab some fish and chips?
Guy 2 - Nah, didn't you know? I am a Oppescetarian bro!
by YargenFlargen666 November 26, 2011
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