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Operation Batwing is a group of visionaries in their twenties, set out to stop the movement of women blindly flocking to uneducated/unemployed shithead males, with no desire to improve one's self.
Operation Batwing

Guy #1:"Hey isn't that your friend Susie, she's cute."

Guy #2:"Yeah, and of course she's with that 35 year old that's laid off from Taco Bell and milking unemploymet. I dunno why girls just gravitate to guys like that."

Guy #1:"Yeah you're right, we better just go home I have to be up early for school...these med classes I have this semester are no joke, plus it's no use anyway chicks love guys that wear wifebeaters in public for some reason."

Guy #2:"Right on I'm with ya, I have this really important meeting early I don't wanna be late for."

-Batwing was founded upon the principles of stopping this very situation.
by Brad Wyatt December 23, 2005
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