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From the Simpsons: A top-secret project by the Motherloving Sugar Corporation aimed at getting the citizens of Springfield addicted to sugar, from the episode "Sweets and Sour Marge." Named after the ramblings of Professor Frink.
(Phone rings. Marge picks it up.)
Marge: Hello?
Mysterious voice: Marge Simpson?
Marge: Who is this?
Frink: I'm an annonymous whistle-blower. I worked on a top-secret project called Operation HOYVIN-MAYVINGGG!
Marge: Professor Frink?
Frink: Oh, what gave me away? Out of curiosity, was it the hoyvin, or the mayvin, or was it the whole G'HOYVEY thing that I do?
by hoyvin-mayvin December 02, 2005

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