Using a manila folder to transport a blunt of massive length, usually 3 to four swishers long.
Dude 1: Hey man this quatre is way to long man... how are we gonna move it to the closet

Dude 2: Grab a folder, we're gonna have to pull an operation dumbo drop
by Mike, Sam, Don, aramis, nate December 11, 2006
Top Definition
The process of hovering over a dirty toilet seat to take a crap so you do not get your back end covered in germs.
I had to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool, but some one left their juice on all the toilet seats. Luckily, I remembered a trick my 2nd grade teacher taught me and performed an Operation Dumbo Drop.
by Bhobby November 23, 2008
A Bowel Movement of extraordinary volume and girth, often requiring a courtesy flush or a plunger.
Stubblecat: I left the fan on and the window open, man. It was totally Operation Dumbo Drop in there.

Moondog: You're not allowed in my house anymore.
by Stubblecat June 06, 2006
The process of taking an intoxicated lady to her home for a one-night stand and shitting in her bed while she is passed out. Wipe your ass with the cool side of the pillow, and return it to its place. Sneak out the window for a clean exit.
Sarah woke up to a big surprise. She was the victim of a well-executed Operation Dumbo Drop delivered by her mystery man of the evening.
by randominsanity April 21, 2010
Insult for someone who is of lower intelect of the norm. A.K.A. DUMBASS!
Way to kick yourself in the face Operation Dumbo Drop!
by Eric of the Sheehan October 06, 2003
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