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A High School in between the towns of Cobden and Eganville, Ontario in Canada. Opened in 1968. Well known for being home of the Opeongo wildcats. The students consist of llamas, aardvarks, chimpanzees, and pieces of tofu. Tofu students seem to excel the most in all of their classes while the chimpanzees are the ones excelling in mathematics. Also there are more uncommon fragments of jelly beans that study at Opeongo as well. Located in the middle of a farmers field. Opeongo Highschool allows only the skin on the center of your back and the bottom of your foot to show, everything else must be covered in a red and yellow spotted uniform,the crest on the uniform reads: "I am an Opeongoan and I am the coolest student known to the world... give me popcorn with salt and vinegar seasoning."
This piece of tofu I am eating probably goes to Opeongo Highschool. They have cool uniforms there!
by rudolphthecoolestreindeer December 02, 2011
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