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Wrinkly, slimy, dangling vag lips complete with extra au jous.
That bitch's pussy is so used up it looks like she has a week old Arby's open-faced roast beef sandwich dangling from her crotch!
by frank from safeway July 07, 2011
A vagina with large inner lips, that extend past the outer lips.
Her reminded me of an open-faced roast beef sandwich so much that I just had to eat it.
by hr-rp January 04, 2007
pussy, beaver, moose knuckles, camel toe
He buried his face in her open faced roastbeef sandwich
by Jay October 10, 2004
a vagina
looking at a chicks pussy when you are about to munch on her box. If she is really excited it will have extra mayo...yummy
by Izaric November 20, 2003