Top Definition
A vagina with large inner lips, that extend past the outer lips.
Her reminded me of an open-faced roast beef sandwich so much that I just had to eat it.
by hr-rp January 04, 2007
Wrinkly, slimy, dangling vag lips complete with extra au jous.
That bitch's pussy is so used up it looks like she has a week old Arby's open-faced roast beef sandwich dangling from her crotch!
by frank from safeway July 07, 2011
pussy, beaver, moose knuckles, camel toe
He buried his face in her open faced roastbeef sandwich
by Jay October 10, 2004
a vagina
looking at a chicks pussy when you are about to munch on her box. If she is really excited it will have extra mayo...yummy
by Izaric November 20, 2003
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