When you don't seriously give a f. when having sex with a women. Common when you party without a condom on your pocket, when your too drunk too put it on or simply when it breaks.
Friend: Dude so did you do that chick last night?!
Me: Of course man!
Friend: Did you use protection?
Me: Hell no! Open Condom Style!
Friend: Dude...
by Marco28793 September 23, 2012
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o·pen con·dom style "Oppa-is Gangnam style" verb;

A anti-prophylactic act largely endorsed by the Pope were a small cross is cut into the tip of a condom that will appear in original condition when applied yet rupture upon its use. This phrase was popularized in the Korean song Gangnam Style by Kim Jong Un

*WARNING* This act may cause Broken Condom Child
Broseph: "Yo, you hook up with Stacy's mom last night?"
Brochacho: "Ya dude, she made me use a rubber though."
Broseph: "Aw that sucks dude."
Brochacho: "Ya, I know... So I went open condom style!"
Broseph: "Sweet man!"
by DrunkElk August 04, 2012

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