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A very small room with a locking door that usually has large gaps in it and a single porcelin seat with water inside. The walls normally are suspended above the floor which also has a large gap to the ceiling. A roll of soft thin paper is almost always supplied in the room. Very often two or more conference rooms of this type are contained in a row next to each other in a larger room that usually has ceramic or tile floors. Rooms of this type are sometimes called a bathroom, restroom, water closet, among other names.
John: I have to take a meeting in the one-man conference room - I do not want to be disturbed.

Joe: Is it a stand-up meeting?

John: No it is a sit-down meeting.


Joe: How did your meeting go?

John: Negotiations were tough but it all worked out in the end. Of course no job is ever finshed until the paper work is done.
by Paper Pusher October 12, 2011