A game that often escalates and quickly gets out of hand where an individual calls out to another and gets his attention for no reason, only to short one-nil at him. This game proceeds with the score increasing the more times the individual achieves this.
Twat: "Hey mate"
Mate: "Oh hiya, how are..."
Twat: "ONE-NIL!"
by GameStarter October 29, 2012
Top Definition
Telling your friend to look at something that isn't actually there and then saying 'one nil'. This phrase is used because its like keeping score of how many times you've tricked eachother but without the score ever actually increasing.

Players will usually start safe and believable, but eventually make extravagant assumptions to make their friend look even more foolish for looking.
Antony: look at that huge spider!
Dan: *turns and looks*
Antony: one nil haha as if you actually looked, idiot!
by P Boor September 09, 2013
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