A large protusion eminating from the midsection of a portly individual. A fatty's gut. Much like the six-pack but without all of the tone. Also refered to as the fuel tank for the love machine and the roof over the meat house.
Though Hank thought of himself as fit, his one-pack shot that all to hell.
by Timmy Cousins April 14, 2006
Top Definition
Quite the same as a six pack. One giant ab covering all the others. they're in there no doubt. just... hiding. A common excuse for chubby people.
- a one pack is easier to keep track of.
by __Al__ October 09, 2008
A stomach with no defined muscles.
Guy1: Dude, I finally have a six pack!

Guy2: Oh...I just have a one pack.
by Amplefallout December 08, 2008
having a pudge instead of the infamous six pack.
Marcos: it's so frikin HOT! -takes shirt off-

Friends: eww man put your shirt back on!! your one pack is so unattractive and unusually hairy!

Marcos: -squeals like a caveman-
by mamuhseetah frum da hud October 21, 2010

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