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Meaning when you chat to someeone and they either pretend to know what your going on about or crack da same jokes MUCH MORE THAN TWICE AND CERTAINLY MORE THAN 3 TIMES!or when they dont get the joke at all and you have to explain bare times to the extend of when it just aint funny or when they say da most random shit you have ever heard in your life! you gotta make the sign of the cross across there head and shoulders and say, man its one of dem ones, like ya kinda feel sorry for em. this ones especially for my friend Heidalo if your out there watching this look at me and say its one of dem ones peace and love (yea thats one of hers to and go and suck u mudda dry-but thats anuva story!
kc:why did the chicken cross the road?
kc:why did the chicken cross the road?
highd:r u taliking to me?
kc:yes why did it cross the road?
highd:explain that again plz?
by kc January 17, 2005

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