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A Truck(or any vehicle) that is two wheel drive with an open differential. If a vehicle has a diff locker, positraction, or at bare minimum, limited slip, it can then be considered a two wheel drive. One Wheel drives have no business hitting the trail and off-roading, unless the drivers a crazy fucker like me and is ready to get stuck in menial situations and expend some effort on some vehicle recovery. Oh, but they work great for doing doughnuts on flat ground and haulin dead hookers to the riverbed.
Me: *on phone* " hey bro, can you help me out man, and bring your Toyota 4-By and a tow strap!"

random bro of mine: " aw shit man... did you get your One Wheel Drive Piece of Shit Ford Ranger stuck on a speed bump again?!!!"

Me: *Shamefully Mutter* "Yeah, fuck off and help me out. The truck works great for bangin your mom in the back!!"
by TheAnonymousGuy123 February 02, 2009
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