Similar to a one night stand, a one night hand involves receiving a hand job from an acquaintance, either known or unknown. After said hand job, neither party acknowledges the others existence.
Cindy gave me a one night hand last tuesday and i haven't talked to her since...
by sacboy October 16, 2010
Top Definition
He didn't make a move, so I came home and had a one night hand.
by palestiniandeliberation January 06, 2016
Calling someone up for one night of phone sex with no strings attached and hoping to never speak to them again.
Kiki: So i ended up conecting to the same customer service guy last night.
Mia: Was he any help this time?
Kiki: No but we totally had a One Night Hand!
Mia: OMG Thats so slutty!
by Rroarr January 10, 2010
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