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1. A one night stand with a person who has an exceptional amount of body hair.

2. Hooking up with someone who rudely leaves body hair all over your bed sheets, which results in never calling him or her for a second go-around.

3. A hairy hump horror!
Girl 1 wakes up to change her sheets after a drunk night with a guy she meets at a Valentines Day party.
"Holy cow! There is pubic hair all over my sheets!"

Girl 1's friend: "BARRFFFFFF"

Girl 1: "I don't want all this hair in my washer, I'm going to roll it up in this lint remover tape roller"

Girl 1's friend: "BARRRFFFFFFF"

Girl 1: "That was one hairy night stand!"

by Toocooltobefriendswithu February 19, 2009
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