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After going to a local run down club in which you are so drunk you can't even stand up and bring a lady friend back to the house. Instead of having sex as most would, you decide that it would be a better idea to take a cleansing shower together. While in the shower, the young italian male decides to give the college girl a reach-around. This isn't your normal reach around however........

He simply inserts one finger into the bung hole and goes to town. The girl goes nuts and realizes how much of an anal fetish she has. The male will be proud of what has taken place later, once he sobers up from his cranberry/vodkas. He will then brag to his friends at every possible opportunity.
Tom: Has anyone ever eaten a girls asshole out?

Paul: Nope, but I have stuck one finger in with the One Fingered Reach-Around.

Tom: Awesome! U gotta teach me your technique
by Grinnell April 01, 2008
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