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When a man luckily gets laid, and has absolutely NO CHANCE of this happening again.... Possible reasons include:

A.he has bad hygeine

B.he suffers with drug addiction, therefore is to high to bone

C.he has discovered new religious views, and will live a demented lifeof celebacy

D.he is turning gay, and would rather be on the recieving end inprisonment... this man is a sick criminal.. the only action he'll be getting is in the prison shower

F.he's 35 and still lives with his mother... the classic case of being a downright loser. got no money, got no hope... Definately aint got no pussy.
Eddie 'Hey Derek, i finally got laid last night'

Derek 'WHAT??!! you're 35 and you still live with your mom... The three teeth you have left are rotting away... You're broke as hell, and the money you do get is used to fuel your addiction to meth. Not to mention you smell like a dead hobo.'

Eddie 'Ahh dude, i guess you're right.... Looks like she was my one clit wonder'
by 000TwistedFreak October 14, 2010
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