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The worst story ever.
Man 1: Time to sit around a campfire and tell stories.
Man 2: Who will go first?
Man 3: I have friggatriskaidekaphobia. The end.
Man 2: Wackadoodle.
Man 5: Don't insult him.
Man 4: It's all good.
Man 1: Who's next?
Man 6: Once upon a time the end.
Man 7: What am I doing here?
Man 3: This group is getting big.
Man 4: Random!
Man 1: This feels like a party!
Man 6: Where's the campfire?
Man 8: You guys did say campfire, so you tell me.
Man 4: This is getting ridiculous.
Man 5: Hum.
Man 9: Hi.
Man 10: Hello.
Man 3: Yeesh! 10 men! Heeeey! That rhymes.
by Matt11111 April 13, 2012
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