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A theory that women always gravitate toward douchebags. They spend hours complaining about how their boyfriend is a liar, never pays attention to them etc. Yet when they meet a guy who even so much as doesn't blatantly treat them like shit, they will ignore him for the sole purpose of sabotaging a healthy relationship.
Jenny: Oh my god remember that guy Damion I told you about. He fucked me 3 times in the ass one night last week and never called. Now he just text me to come over to his house cause his mom is gone. I can't believe him!!

Chirstina: I know, right? I caught Paulie cheating on me for the 8th time this week. One of these days I swear I'm gonna leave him if he doesn't stop cheating on me.

Tom: Hey Jenny it was fun hanging out with you yesterday. You want to catch a movie this weekend?

Jenny: You're a creeper Tom go the fuck away. Seriously, what's wrong with you? If you text me again I'm calling the police.

Tom: Once a cunt always a cunt
by Moosir2u33 July 02, 2011
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