to be the next or newest big thing. it comes from a double reference: it is a bastardization of "on point" which means on top of things, with a baseball on-deck circle. in baseball, the on deck circle is where the next batter stands while he waits for his turn to bat. hence, the next big thing is "on deck."
1. yo, those boots are booty.
2. nah, man, these are on deck.
by sonique tooth August 10, 2004
An adjective to describe an attractive person.

Refers to the on deck status in baseball, namely being a person who is very much "ready to go."
Did you see that girl? She was ON DECK!
by Mediocrates May 19, 2004
About to have sex with someone.
Mark was on deck with Bill before Charlie beat him to first base.
by Kerl lozl August 08, 2004

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