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slang; an expression for a BISEXUAL black man (who "thinks" he's straight - hah!), married or with a girlfriend, having sexual relations with another man.
Lennie pretends he's not bisexual, but he's on the down low - so, duh, same difference!
by Yo! April 18, 2004
A man, who for all intents and purposes, is straight, however once in a while likes to engage in gay sex.
Stephen would never mess around with a guy!

Yeah, whatever, he's on the down-low!
by G-Man June 08, 2004
a straight man that enjoys having sexual intercourse with other men in secret. Mostly hidden.
Them boys are to close they look like they on the down low.
by Mr. X Anderson November 29, 2011
To keep it quiet, a secret, low profile,
hey man just keep this shit on the down low aight, i dont want mah gurl findin' out
by pimpette October 11, 2003
in secret; alt. "on the hush-hush"
"I just got a q-p of good green, but keep that on the down low cuz then everyone'll be hittin' me up."
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
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