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a fine and sexy sing and he hs other talnts
look at that fine black boy named omarion
by rtjj May 28, 2008
omar-mean king and ion mean 4eva
he will be my african king 4eva n my boo my husband so holla i love him n always will
he's my african king n will always be 4eva n eva holla baby 1
by jasper wood December 23, 2003
a heavily overrated, lame-ass R&B artist that split from a somewhat lame-ass boy band, and star of a lame-ass movie, you got served. girls stare at his lame-ass poster for hours, and don't give a F*** about his lame-ass music, as long as he looks good. he's nothing but a lame-ass pretty boy with a lame-ass record deal.
Omarion is one lame-ass excuse for a singer.
by unknown March 01, 2005
he is fine good looking sweet.caring and would never hurt anyone in his life.and best of all hes my baby boo my huband and thats the end of that story he is mine
he is my husband and he is so sweet the sweetest man in my world
by lil teena grandberry March 15, 2004
african king that no lady should be with out; man who knows how to treat a lady and how to PLEASE her.
i.e., braided lead singer of b2k
by BAMBISHINES April 29, 2004
big nosed guy who has a whiny voice..typical songs and can be occasionally sexy.
Ohhhhhh....my song suckz.....my name is omarion..thats how itz goin downnnnnn,
by ChickenFungoo May 01, 2005
Usher's little brother
Omarion: Usher can u teach me how to dance like big brothers michael jacksun and james brown?
Usher: *lifts up shirt* Only if you teach your moves to little bro Chris Brown (and you touch my sexy abs).
by Yelsew Foolface March 03, 2006