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When a fat, slutty, college-age girl with big, sweaty, pushed-up tits gets fall-down drunk at a bar and/or house party around random dudes she doesn't know, goes home with them (or fucks them at the party), then cries rape the next day. These bloated, sub-human manitees aren't even smart enough to know the difference between actual rape and what happens when you get hammered, slut around, and regret what you did the next morning. One is an unspeakable offense, where as the other is simply the result of poor judgment and should serve as a lesson learned. The walk of shames can be funny though, and I do advise taunting them if you're an early-riser.
If you want to see skanks "Olshoving", Just spend a weekend on any college campus or major city in America and you'll soon know what I'm talking about.
by pompeiialltheway January 07, 2012
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Another form of Olshoving occurs when the same type of fat, slutty, tatted-up train wreck with big dumb tits dates a guy (but probably not exclusively) for about a month or less, and starts fucking him without any form of birth control or contraception. Sure enough, she gets pregnant due to her own stupidity and carelessness and bemoans how awful her life is and what a piece of shit the sperm donor turned out to be. They usually hide it from their families, continue to drink, smoke and party the whole time they're still "deciding" whether or not to keep the baby, and then just have an abortion. This is very common these days, as most young women feel they shouldn't be held accountable for any of their terrible decisions. These over-priveledged idiots must not know that condoms are given away for free at just about every clinic in the Western world.
Slut #1: "Hey guuuurl! Aren't you pregnant?? You probably shouldn't play another game of beer pong."

Slut #2: "Nah, don't worry. My parents don't know about it, so I just plan on Olshoving before my second trimester."

Slut #1: "I hear that! I was thinking about Olshoving this time last year. I ended up going out of state for the procedure, so no one would find out. The fuckin' loser actually wanted me to keep the baby and move in with him so that we could be a real family and the kid might have a chance in life. What a creep! You're my bestie!!"
by pompeiialltheway January 17, 2012
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