a really bitchy person who never shuts up and anoyys the shit out of everybody.
"Omg! that girl is such an Olenka"
" i know!!! soo anoyying"
by heysuppgall January 20, 2009
Top Definition
meaning holy. This name means that she is popular, loved by all who are not jealous of her beauty, smart when she puts her mind to things, athletic, and a multi-tasker who is sometimes over confident in themselves. Olenka's are very good kissers and give amazing hugs. They are hard to gain trust from, and once you lose it, have fun getting it back. These people are very creative and love to be artistic and music, as well as being well rounded in life.
"Oh Olenka! You are just too amazing! Why are you so amazing??"
"I don't know. Either genes, or because I'm just living the definition of my name."
by obama_yo_mama.. June 06, 2009
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