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A luxury front wheel drive car made from 1966 to 1992. The 1966 to 1970 years consider it to be the only front wheel drive muscle car ever made. The 1971 to 1985 years have got to be one of the biggest and ugliest cars ever made. The 1986 to 1992 years brought back some more muscle to its style and looks similar to 1980's Monte Carlo's and Cutlasses. Only thing is it had no V8 like all the previous Toronado's but rather had one of the best and strongest engines ever, the Buick 3800 V6.
John: What kind of car did you buy?

Steve: A 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado.

John: Wow it looks bad ass, does it have a V8?

Steve: No it has a Buick 3800 V6.
by CountryBoy57556853 September 20, 2012

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