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An Old Wisconsin is when you take a crap in a sock and beat someone over the head with it.
Just Read The Definition.
by Doug Blitz December 21, 2004
A sexual maneuver that is standard procedure with all wisconsin couples. First you must insert one cheese curd in each ear of the woman as to make sure she doesnt scare herself with her own screaming. Second, insert 2 johnsonville brats in her rectum. Then shove a cheese stick in each of her nostrils. You then must pour beer cheese soup on her chest and belly, this will act as lubrication for your penis. Make the woman give you a tit job so your penis can be lathered up with the beer cheese soup. Then insert your penis into her vagina and go to work. After you both orgasm, crack open an ice cold beer and put a cheesehead on your womans head. Feel free to reuse the brats next time.
If you get sick of handstand jobs, you can always ask your woman if you can perform the old wisconsin on her.
by d_fbr4life April 07, 2011

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