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Old Vienna was a very popular San Diego Coffee Haus owned and operated by Anton and Ann from 1993-1998. It was located on 627 4th Ave, near Market St, Downtown San Diego. It is now a Cheese shop. Anton was formerly a Police Officer in Vienna Austria and opened a Coffee Haus in San Diego. Old Vienna served coffee, energy drinks and a limited amount of food. Old Vienna catered to the Goths, Punks, Sailors, Marines, Ex-Army & Air Force, Grunges, Ravers, LGTBQ people, Party-Kids, Artists, Emos, college kids and former/ex hippies and beatniks.

The popularity of Old Vienna soared with people hosting D&D games, such a D&D games involving Gothic themes of Werewolves and Vampires. Old Vienna gained National and International attention with during the San Diego Comic Book convention, in which many of the Convention go'ers would go to the convention and then Old Vienna.

Old Vienna closed their doors in 1998 in a very Dramatic evening, "More Drama than you can shake a stick at" Commented one of the regular customers. Anton and Anna moved their store to Old Town and Renamed it "The Upstairs Tavern", which it became less popular.
Goth Girl "What do you want to do tonight?"
Punk kid "Nothing is going on in North Park, let's go to Old Vienna, Downtown"
by Anon-in-il-again March 14, 2008
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