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Ol Too (adverb)- an expression that emphasizes an overwhelming moment, happening, situation, or unusual happenstance. Often followed by the word many.

1. While driving down highway 5 on a journey, one saw quite a lot of Family Stickers (those annoying stick figure family stickers on cars). Overwhelmed and concerned by these because one finds them annoying and unnecessary, one blurted out "OL TOO MANY FAMILY STICKERS."
2. When drinking, one may come across the troublesome "pocket" in your drink (often caused by cheap alcohol and lack of stirring). One may scream (with look of anguish on face) "Ol too many pockets"

Ol too can also explain single adjectives, often followed by "for one's own good"

"Ol too dumb for one's own good."
"Ol too overwhelmed for one's own good"

"Ol too" can be used some what freely, but we encourage to only use it when overwhelmed and frustrated. You will soon find yourself unable to control when using "ol toos" and will find that it helps express what you're feeling.
by hennybb December 30, 2010
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