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Used as a funny alternative to saying "Just kidding". Basically the speaker disagrees with what is being said when using this phrase. This phrase originated in Taylorsville, NC. (Home of the open 24/7 Walmart, accompanied by a Wendy's and a Bojangles). When using "Ohp nevermind", it has to be said quickly almost to the point where the pronunciation is "Ohp Nermind!".
Example 1
Hick : "Dude I didn't get an bacon on my Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger! What the fuck!"

Civil being: "Ohp nevermind!"

Example 2
Teen 1: "Dude look at that girl, she's soo fucking sexy!"

Teen 2: " Damn dude, she's pretty sexy......ohp nermind!"

Example 3
Nerd 1: " Dude we're gunna make Taylorsville famous by adding this phrase on UD"

Nerd 2: " Hell yeahh man........ohp nermind!"
by Mrs. Councillady April 07, 2011

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