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A small liberal arts school known as OWU (Oh-Woo). Kids who get in have the impression that they can sail through, but the work is demanding and a lot of freshmen flunk out. The frat scene is very busy because there is nothing else to do in Delaware, Ohio. The students are smart and kind of preppy. It's a place where you can get an excellent education even though a lot of people haven't heard of it.
"Ohio Wesleyan? Isn't that near Des Moines?"

"Um, no. It's in Ohio, not Iowa you stupid East Coaster."
#preppy #ohio #education #smart #kids
by bostonmom March 08, 2010
A small, private liberal arts college in central Ohio. Lots of preppies go there as well as a lot of smart kids who couldn't get merit or financial aid from Oberlin. Good Division III sports and an active Greek scene. A much better school than its national reputation.
"Hey, I'm going to Ohio Wesleyan to study astrophysics. Couldn't believe they offer that as a major!+
#ohio #owu #oberlin #preppies #greek scene
by Bostondude August 26, 2008
A small liberal arts college located in Central Ohio. Lots of asians, ugly girls, and fratsters. Still, good education.
Boy: Ohio Wesleyan? Never heard of it
Girl: OMG they gave me $18,000
Boy: Don't they give everyone that?
#ohio #wesleyan #university #delaware #education
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