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People who think Ohio State sucks, but are just blinded by the fact that their team sucks and Ohio State is consistently good, year in and year out. See also : jealousy Most likely a Michigan fan who is tired of being beaten every year. Also may refer to someone who is a fan of a team not participating in both the football and basketball championships in the same year.
Its fine to come out of the closet and admit you suffer from Ohio State Ignorance, it's not like you're gay or a dog fighting organizer.
by OH_IO August 22, 2007
This refers to an opinion or statement that contains an abnormally large amount of ignorance. It does not necessarily have to be about the Ohio State University, but the term contracted its title from the majority of Ohio State fans who are disgustingly ignorant about their team, band, fans, etc. being the best in the world, and requiring that everyone who beats them, especially twice in two NCAA championship games, be hated.
Jon: The Cleveland Cavaliers would be much better without Lebron James.
Donald: That is Ohio State ignorance.
by D Monizzle May 13, 2007
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