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Ohio State Integrity is an oxy-moron, meaning that if you claim that a person, or group of persons has "Ohio State Integrity", they actually LACK any integrity at all. This being recently proven by the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, including the coaching staff. Especially Jim THE VEST Tressle.
Jim-Hey man, Im gonna go pawn this Rolex watch that my Great Grandfather left me. Im gonna use the cash for beer money! My Mom knows, but she isnt gonna tell my Dad because itll land my ass in BIG trouble!

Bo-Man, pulling a stunt like that shows your family's Ohio State Integrity. You should keep prized possessions. Not give them away for frivilous trinkets, or even trade them for favors or TATTOOS or money for that matter.
by BigPapi1969 May 14, 2011
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