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a mistake made by a person trying to say Oh My Gosh and OMG at the same time
Oh My Josh! , John You Are SO GAY!!!!!
by Sarah Katie November 02, 2007
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OH MY JOSH is the stage name of American recording artist, Joshuah Michael. OH MY JOSH is recognized as the male version of the pop-princess, Lady Gaga. Randy Jackson quoted OH MY JOSH as "Lady Gaga's brotha from anotha motha" in a 2009 interview. Josh is recognized for his pop/dance music and his over-the-top and avant garde fashion appeal. His music first became widely known in NYC and began to spread to clubs across the nation. OH MY JOSH is openly gay and is highly acclaimed for his chart-topping hits, "Last Time" and "Just a Little". The clever phrasing, memorable chants, and recognizable vocal similarities of Michael Jackson, makes OH MY JOSH's music catchy and innovative.
Oh My Josh! Have you heard who's performing tonight at the club?!?! It's that new pop singer, OH MY JOSH!
by OMJfan18 July 08, 2009
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