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(N.) The old South Park catch phrase up until 2002, when they stopped killing Kenny and he came back from the dead through the help of Chef's parents and yet another lame Rob Schnieder movie. ("Rob Schnieder is Kenny")
Oh My God! They Didn't Killed Kenny!
You........, Non-Bastards!
by G-Union October 28, 2003
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You bastards!
In almost every South Park episode, Kenny dies.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
A phrase often used by Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski on the animated TV show South Park. Used when friend Kenny is killed in every episode up to season 5 where he dies permanently. Until he comes back in Red Sleigh Down. The reason the creators no longer massacre Kenny is because they ran out of ideas and decided to just make him a major character. He still dies occasionaly like in "The List"
Stan:Oh My God! They Killed Kenny!
Kyle:You Bastards!

Kyle:Oh My God! They Killed Kenny!
Stan:You Bastards!

Stan:Oh My God! They Killed Kenny!,
oh wait, he's okay

Elf:Holy Crap we just killed that kid.
Stan:Yeah, whatever, what's the secret to corporations.

Stan:Oh My God! They Killed Kenny!
Cartman:Damn Straight.

Kyle:Oh My God! I Killed Kenny!
You Bastard.
by Some Bored ass Canadian Kid September 05, 2008

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