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-Also called OMES.

"Oh my eighties sitcom!" is a term meaning "oh my god!"

However, OMES is usually said when something mind-numbingly sweet or heroic happens, derived from eighties' sitcoms which almost always had a happy ending, or good ultimately triumphs over evil.

Can also be used to express sarcasm.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a good example of OMES, where Picard almost always finds a way to ultimately defeat the bad guy... but that's another story altogether.
Trixie: It was so sweet... Rob asked Ellie out after having a crush on her for three whole weeks!
Delaney: Oh My Eighties Sitcom!

Sammy: And then, at the last minute, Mary Sue managed to save the day!
Lizzie: OMES...
by Lil Miss Magic July 01, 2009
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