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- Literally means "God Time" in Igbo language

-An African Queen

-independent, caring, beautiful, smart, and nice.
I'm going to name my baby Ogechi
by Princessluv November 25, 2011
Ogechi is a smart loving verry beautiful girl and she makes a lot of friends verry quick . She loves her best friends she would never take shit from anyone that would say anything about her best friends or her. She is a African Queen her name means God's time. When Ogechi walks into the room everyone would know that she is there she is HARD HEADED at times but she is really fun to be around. she loves her BEST FRIENDS she does not give a FUCK about what people say to her.
by Ogechi. December 17, 2014
A Nigerian name that literally means "God's Time," which can also be a male's name, not just for females, in contrary to popular belief.

A very nice guy.
I met a Nigerian guy whose name was Ogechi, he was very nice.
by cutekitty2012 January 12, 2012
a girl who is very fake. she seems to be your bestfriend but is very sneaky at getting her way. has absolutly no butt, but has a very cute face. one of those people that when she hears a bad thing bout herself doesnt think of it as a bad thing. cute bouncy personality. the things boys like about her is herr personality. is usaully stuck up!
ogechi is such a backstabber
by kenya12345654387ser August 10, 2008

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