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- Literally means "God Time" in Igbo language

-An African Queen

-independent, caring, beautiful, smart, and nice.
I'm going to name my baby Ogechi
by Princessluv November 25, 2011
A Nigerian name that literally means "God's Time," which can also be a male's name, not just for females, in contrary to popular belief.

A very nice guy.
I met a Nigerian guy whose name was Ogechi, he was very nice.
by cutekitty2012 January 12, 2012
a girl who is very fake. she seems to be your bestfriend but is very sneaky at getting her way. has absolutly no butt, but has a very cute face. one of those people that when she hears a bad thing bout herself doesnt think of it as a bad thing. cute bouncy personality. the things boys like about her is herr personality. is usaully stuck up!
ogechi is such a backstabber
by kenya12345654387ser August 10, 2008