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An overweight midget confused over to whether he's an officer or just a complete utter douchebag. His office consists of a box as a desk, a smaller box as a chair, found in the counseling offices storage closet. Nicknamed Deputy Dick Tits, he is well known to give out the harshest fines for the dumbest reasons. He also likes to put forth an attempt to sexually seduce Ms. Neyhard by performing a mating dance and jingling around his handcuffs, he then proves his "manliness" by staring down her shirt considering if his tits are bigger than hers and if shes worth the work. By lying to kids about what they did "wrong", he is well known as a fat gay douchebag that should have his gun and tazer replaced by a piece of wood and two AA batteries. He loves being a stereotypical bastard, likes to drink anal blast ( refer to youtube ) and takes shark testosterone pills to lower his natural testosterone levels and raise his estrogen levels to make his boobs bigger.
As were walking back to school, we get fines for being off campus as kids are walking away from school behind us and he's doing nothing. otherwise known as a DOUCHEBAG a.k.a Officer Bahr
by The truthful agony November 15, 2011
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