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NB: You will be subject to this expression when in the immediate presence of one Geoffrey "Goffton" Pryor and/or one Michael "Toe-Rag" Deville.

1) One who usually has little to no idea of what place they hold in any given situation.

2) A person who makes irrational and/or unsubstantiated claims... with absolutely no factual integrity.

3) A simpleton who initiates and/or partakes in linguistic transfers with others of a higher intelligence, and performs any of the following:

a) Speaks out of term.

b) Utilises words and/or expressions they don't even understand.

c) Breaks a quality conversation to speak of a much less valued topic.

d) Makes unwarranted fallacious claims and/or foul assertions.

Nicky: How many shots on that hole Deville?
Deville: I think I just 'birdied' that hole mate.
Nicky: You're off you ear!


Goffton: Hey Nicky, you should try this awesome beer... it's my favourite.
Nicky: What beer is that mate?
Goffton: It's called 'Foster's LiteIce'.
Nicky: You're off your ear!
by KyanCan April 19, 2010