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1. A variation on the on the ubiquitous expression "bits and pieces" in the U.K. A miscellany of objects, tasks, or issues.

2. A reference to a group of of unnamed individuals who are related in some general way.
1. Now that I've got the odds and sods sorted, I can relax.

2. At the monthly local council meeting, the usual assortment of odds and sods was in attendance.
by NotSamuelJohnson February 12, 2010
Third and final compilations album by The Who released September 28, 1974.Comprised of more rarities and b-sides.
Odds and Sods:
1."Postcard (song)" (Entwistle) – 3:27
2."Now I'm a Farmer" – 3:59
3."Put the Money Down" – 4:14
4."Little Billy" – 2:15
5."Too Much of Anything" – 4:26
6."Glow Girl" – 2:20
7."Pure and Easy" – 5:23
8."Faith In Something Bigger" – 3:03
9."I'm the Face" (Meaden) – 2:32
10."Naked Eye" – 5:10
11."Long Live Rock" – 3:54
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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