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also known as October People and Octards...
The strangest people who come out of the woodwork and show up in your life or call on the phone asking the most retarded questions, these are people that you might see late night at a Walmart, but not out in the course of ordinary business or during regular day to day circumstances. They are affected by full moons and 20 degree shifts in the weather. If it's 50 degrees out and the temperature suddenly drops down to 30 degrees the next day. Be assured, an October person will enter your life and you will be shaking your head as how can such a person find the doorknob to get out of the house let alone enter your course of day to day business. The reason October Person was coined was because this phenomenon was noticed during the month of October when the weather begins to shift more radically from warm to cold. Also, strange and/or bad events seem to coincide with the temperature shifts, such as plane crashes, auto accidents, computers failing, hurricanes, people going on rampages with guns, etc. There seems to be a scientific reason behind this, the barometric pressure changes when the weather shifts and this affects people who are already slightly off mentally.
Everything was going great at the store I work at yesterday, the temperature dropped 20 degrees and all of a sudden an October Person came out and asked the dumbest questions.
Really put me in a bad mood.
by direct007 December 20, 2010
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