A faux-feminist, usually a technophobe, with a tendency to get with every possible member of the male species when under the influence of alcohol.
Not all Octavias refuse to shave their armpits or legs and many wear bras.
9/10 Octavias have pretty hair, but are in denial about it as they would prefer to be old men.
"That girl with the nice hair is so odd... she wants to be Bob Dylan - what an Octavia!"
"I can't believe she got off with everyone - i thought she was a feminist... such an octavia thing to do"
by lalala...ilovetoSING August 17, 2009
a white girl who has a black ass, and attracts a lot of black guys. she likes the black cock and is a total slut!!!!!
"octavia you have such a fat ass"
""oh Julias i love your black cock!"
by toofers July 08, 2009

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