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(another way you could say this amazing word: Obama Comma)

Ocommas are lovingly named after President Obama. They are much like shatner commas in that they are useless pauses in speech. Ocommas are sometimes followed by "uh" or "um". Occasionally the speaker may change the volume of their voice after the use of ocommas. These types of changes in volume are expressed by all capital letters when someone is writting a speakers usage of ocommas down.

See also: Shatner Commas or Shatner Pause
Fred, uh, ARMISEN, does a, um, very, uh, GOOD imPRESSION of, uh, President OBAMA. Mostly beCAUSE, uh, he USES his, um, OCOMMAS, well.
by mannemaniac January 08, 2011
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