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Hell on Earth...
A place where townies attend (that's right! they do attend something! Wow!) to a "teen disco", wearing fake burberry headresses and equally fake tracksuits (usually in white or baby blue). Their hands drag along the floor due to the excessive amount of jewellery on them, which might i add, is also fake. Not forgetting the fake cockney accents and the urge to cuss and shout at anything that doesn't resemble that of a so called "gangster/rapper/complete retard" or anything that resists to stick "bling" or "innit?" in every sentence.
Just a word of warning- the new townie mating call in my area has been recognized as: Change!
but it is pronounced: Ch-haaan-gge!
well, you have been warned...
guy No.1- I would rather dive head first into a toilet full of shit than spend five minutes in ocean rooms.
Townie- Innit? Ch-haaan-gge!
guy No.2- kill it! KILL IT!!!
by ShE-wHo-HaTeS-ToWnIeS June 06, 2004
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