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Used in expressions of anger, disgust and bewilderment at:

1) Undeserved profit or gain.
2) Flaunted impunity; getting away with something and gloating about it.
3) Something needlessly, unfairly and ridiculously expensive.
4) Conspicuous consumption and in-your-face displays of wealth.
5) Thoughtless squandering of valuable personal, public or private resources.
1) "Lemme see if I got this straight. They reduced the budget but also voted themselves a raise? How occupyable is *that*?"
2) "Yeah, well, BP pretty much got off scot-free after the spill and they don't even pretend to give a shit. Those bastards are so fucking occupyable."
3) "Five bucks for a loaf of bread in Thunder Bay?! WTF? That's totally occupyable!"
4) "Three flat screen TV's in her bedroom? She's only a teenager! The hell! That's just plain occupyable!"
5) "And then I watched him toss almost the whole damn steak in the trash! What an asshole! That's not just a shame, it's occupyable!"
by VeggieMeister November 24, 2011
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