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Occupy Barvard is a pussy-powered movement that began sometime in the Fall 2011 semester. #OB was the decision of all the stray cats of East Colonial Drive to come together and fight back against the Barvard students and librarians who do not feed the pussies adequate amounts of food.

The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and aims to expose how the annoying ugly children in the top 1% of their class are spending too much time in the library and too little time feeding the pussies.
Future Disbarred Attorney #1: Did you see all the Barvard Pussy congregating by the library earlier today?

Future Disbarred Attorney #2: Yea man, haven't you heard about Occupy Barvard? The pussies are here to show the top 1% of our class what's up! Rumor has it their next stop is the trailer!
by FreeMarsha November 16, 2011