n. The ultimate goal of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and, by extension, the goal of protesters everywhere, in any field (or parking lot).

We are not rudderless slackers with no goals. We are fighting for a piece of the occupie!

Not much of a fight dude.
by gnostic1 October 29, 2011
Top Definition

The time spent sitting at your Aunt's Thanksgiving table. Not because you enjoy the conversation or are digesting your food but simply because you are waiting for the Pie. Occu-pie.
Ashley ( whispers): honey, I would like to leave but we are going to have to sit here for a while longer while we wait for desert.

Oscar: I would wait all day for that. She's got Apply, Berry, Pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, and the entire pie menu from Marie Calendars up in her kitchen.

Ashley: Well, Aunt Cocoa is PGC.. and everyone else is still eating and talking so we will have to just Occu-pie until we get some.
by chrisSIS November 23, 2011
n. The elusive "something" that "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are trying to obtain a piece of. It could be justice; it could be peace; it could be ineffable. Whatever it is, they all want a piece of the occupie.

Dude! Scrape the peace stickers off your dad's old hippie tent and let's get down to Wall Street and grab a piece of that occupie.

Should I grab his acoustic guitar too?

No. It doesn't seem to have that protest-song vibe. Also, there are porta-potties and a lack of stoners selling each other hand-made jewelry.

It will come man. It will come.
by gnostic 1 October 17, 2011
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