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The extreme form of "attention-to-detail" that often plagues graphic designers; ultimately preventing them from finishing their creative projects in a timely manner. Perfectionists in many professions may claim they suffer from this syndrome as well.

Symptoms of O.T.D. Syndrome:

- Repeated Ctrl "Z" commands after every modification you make to your project

- Staring blankly at your half finished project after smashing Ctrl "Z" for the last half hour

- The inability to complete a small project in less than 24 hours (i.e. banners, buttons, image corrections etc.)

- The urge to "start over from scratch" more than once on a large project
Jason: Hey, did you finish that 600 x 255 banner for our webpage yet? Its been over a week already; are you having some trouble?

Patty: OMG I am totally suffering from obsession-to-detail… I don’t know why I don’t like ANYTHING I am coming up with.

Jason: It just needs to say “Super Sale” in red lettering on a white background… how hard can that be?`
by TJ Trouble June 23, 2011