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The way to label somebody if you can tell they're kind of sceney but you can't quite place them.

Ususally recognizable by a strange combonation of emo/scene/hardcore/ and fashionore.

Also a way to mockingly add 'Xcore' to anyone who's obsessed with something and/or generally charaterized by something they dso or like.
<kid at concert1> "hey do you see that guy over there. he's got emo glasses. he must be emo"
<kid at conert 2> "yeah but he's also totin' a mowhawk and random splashes of neon. he could be Hardcore or scene?"
<Kid at Concert 3> "Duh, guys, he's one of thoe Obscure Core ObXCo types. he's just in it for the chicks."

"All Alex ever does is ride fucking horses. She's so PonyXCore"
"Zeke from High school Musical loves to bake. He's MuffinXCore"
by Treadsy April 30, 2006
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